The 10 Best Cafés In Madrid For Digital Nomads

Whether you’re a remote worker or a globetrotter, you’ll enjoy Madrid’s rich café culture and extra strong coffee.
cafés in madrid digital nomads

Madrid has recently seen an influx of foreign millennials living in the vibrant Spanish capital city. Global travelers-turned-digital-nomads opt to make a temporary home in the city due to its affordability, culture, and beauty. Whether you’re a remote worker or a globetrotter, you’ll enjoy Madrid’s rich café culture and extra strong coffee. I’ve rounded up 10 of the best cafés in Madrid for digital nomads. These are some of my favorite cafés, providing excellent WiFi and space for makeshift workspaces that can accommodate laptops.


1. Google Campus

Google Campus has one of the most digital nomad friendly cafés in Madrid, and possibly in all of Spain. It also has extremely fast unlimited internet connection. Many international and local young adults can be found using the café as a co-working space with rows of laptops populating the tabletops. Membership is free but you must signup in advance here. By joining you’ll also get access to various networking events and weekly yoga sessions.


2. La Bicicleta

La Bicicleta is easily one of the most popular cafés in Madrid for students, workers, and travelers. There is a family style farm table in the back room that is meant to be used as a shared workspace and is equipped with outlets at each seat. The WiFi here is strong and reliable, you can easily work here all day as you enjoy delicious coffee, salads, and traditional Spanish dishes. On the website, they literally invite patrons to “stay a long time” so you don’t need to worry about being kicked out for overstaying.

Weekends = drinking coffee until it's acceptable to start drinking wine.

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3. Toma Cafe

This is my personal favorite spot in Malasaña for a delicious cup of joe. Afterall, their slogan is Warriors Love Coffee, so it’s no surprise the espresso packs an extra punch. The coffee joint recently upgraded their tiny hole-in-the-wall space to a larger outpost. Luckily, this means more table space and less annoyance towards customers who come in toting their laptops. 

4. BaniBanoo

BaniBanoo is a hidden gem near the Manuel Becerra metro station. Every day you’ll find the Iranian spot whipping up delicious traditional dishes with a modern twist. Beyond the food, the space is absolutely gorgeous and has a variety of seating options. Lunch is the busiest time of day, but if you come before or after, you’ll be welcome to stay and work on your laptop while you try a new cuisine.

5. Rawcoco

Rawcoco is gaining attention as one of the best cafés in Madrid and is quickly gaining popularity as the coolest and healthiest spot in town. From bloggers to health-conscious travelers, everyone who steps foot in this darling café falls in love. The inviting space is great for an afternoon of creative thinking while working on projects and fueling your body and mind with fresh, raw foods. Although the space here is large, it does fill up quickly so it is best to set out in the morning, or at least before 1 PM when the lunch crowd usually shows up.

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6. Celicioso

Celicioso is another health-conscious spot on this list of best cafés in Madrid. This bakery offers a variety of gluten-free sweets and baked goods, making it a celiacs’ paradise! The dining room at the original location in the ultra-hip neighborhood of Chueca is dark and cozy, making it a good space for those who like to work in peace and quiet. Most patrons take their food to go so it is almost always possible to find a seat in the back room table area.

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7. Mérimée Fuencarral

This digital nomad destination is a classic spot right in the heart of Madrid on the famed Fuencarral shopping street. The decor is adorable, the food is delicious, and the rather large space means there is almost always room to make a workspace out of one of the small round tables scattered throughout the venue. The WiFi is very strong here, and luckily, so is the coffee.

8. Federal

On weekdays, this is one of my favourite cafés in Madrid to work from. However, it is easily the most popular brunch spot in Madrid so don’t even try to come and work from your laptop here on a Saturday or Sunday. The Australian spot serves some of the best coffee in town, but their mimosas are equally delicious. I won’t judge if you switch from caffeine to wine mid-afternoon! Nomads generally gather at the large table in the back to brainstorm and feed off of each other’s entrepreneurial energy while noshing on great eats.

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9. Cafe Mur

This work-friendly café is a bohemian restaurant in the same vicinity of Federal. Cafe Mur is a cozy spot, popular amongst Madrileños who embrace the tranquil atmosphere to get hours of productive work done. Weekdays are ideal if you plan to spend a few hours on your computer, as there is no chance of getting space here on the weekends when the brunch crowd rolls in. When the restaurant isn’t too busy they’re happy to accommodate workers on their laptops.

10. Wanda Café

Of all the wonderful cafés in Madrid, Wanda may come last on this list, but certainly not least. This bright, playful cafe boasts an equally exciting menu. The large space consists of several seating areas, including high tops with bar stools, and double outlets, where guests can usually be seen working on their computers or conducting meetings. The energetic vibe fosters a great environment for creative thinking. There are also a few small back rooms with round tables ideal for meetings or those who need a quieter work environment.


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