Airpedic Cushion Is an Inflatable Seat for Travel

Tired of a sore butt and back after long flights? This inflatable seat will take care of that.
Airopedic best Inflatable Seat for travel

Airopedic best Inflatable Seat for travelThere’s no contest; airplane seats suck and they are the most uncomfortable thing you will ever spend time in or around. It doesn’t help that they’re always getting worse, growing smaller and smaller by the day, at least it sure seems that way.

It’s not so bad if you have a quick flight to catch, but for the long-hauls, your butt and back are going to hurt. Wouldn’t it be nice to make the experience just a little bit more enjoyable? Just a little bit?

The Airopedic inflatable cushion is a portable seat that you can use to make your booty more comfortable. It’s portable, compact and lightweight, so it’s easy to carry and fold-up. When you’re already carrying plenty of gear that’s important, you don’t want to be stuck lugging around yet another bulky item or bag. When you’re ready to use the inflatable seat, you fill it up, and when you’re done, you empty the air.

The valve is adjustable so you can set the firmness to what you like. Of course, this is a portable seat we’re talking about so you could use it anywhere. You can take it with you to make seats more comfortable at sporting events, camping, park or public benches, or even your office chair at work.

There are two carry-straps attached so it’s easier to transport. Also, side mesh pockets can hold extra gear like your phone, keys, snacks, and more.

The biggest con of this is that, yes, you will need to carry just one more thing with you when you travel. If you already have your hands full, that’s only going to make things worse. But all that aside, your butt will appreciate it. This cushion makes sitting for long periods of time that much more bearable, and when you have a multi-hour flight that can make all the difference for fighting off serious jet lag and exhaustion.

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