The aLLreLI Intelligent 4-Port USB Travel Charger

Charge all your devices at once with the aLLreLI Intelligent 4-Port USB Charger; great for travel.
aLLreLI Intelligent 4-Port USB best travel charger in use

aLLreLI Intelligent 4-Port USB best travel chargerTrying to remember everything before you leave home is the worst. Not only will you feel anxiety about forgetting something, but it’s also likely you won’t realize what’s missing until it’s too late. We can’t do anything about that, but we can help you remember a charger. We’ve all had an experience where we left a charger at home before, and it sucks.

What makes forgetting a charger worse, is when you have multiple devices that use the same port. Effectively, it means you forgot to bring multiple chargers, and you may end up with more than one dead, unusable gadget. That’s why it’s always a good idea to carry a travel charger.

The aLLreLI Intelligent 4-Port USB Wall Charger is designed to replace all your stock chargers. What makes it unique, is you can use it internationally. That includes in the United States, UK, Europe, and Australia. All necessary power plugs and adapters come bundled with the travel charger.

The aLLreLI uses a unique dual-voltage technology that chooses the appropriate power supply depending on the country you are using the adapter. It is capable of outputting 6.8 amps, or 34 watts. Two of the ports are 1.0 amp based, and two are 2.4 amp based. The adapter will recognize what device(s) you plug in and invest the appropriate amount of power to charge said device.

The aLLreLI charger is compatible with almost all the key brands including iPhone and iPad, Samsung Galaxy, most Android handsets, and more. If it charges via USB you can plug it into the adapter; that means things like digital cameras, e-readers and tablets, GPS trackers, and more.

The charger and all accessories stow neatly in a bag or luggage, and since there are multiple ports, it’s the only adapter you have to remember. One downside is it does not include cables, so you will have to remember your charging cables.

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