Alpha Keeper Money Belt for Travel with RFID Shield

Identity theft and pickpocketing are common in high-tourist areas, this bag will help protect your valuables.
Alpha Keeper best money belt for travel

Alpha Keeper best money belt for travelWallets and purses are unsecure things. All it takes is a quick snatch, and you’ve lost not just your storage but all your belongings within too. If you’re traveling, that could include all your payment cards and cash, identification, personal information, emergency contacts and more. The damage is even worse if you lose a purse or satchel and you also have your phone, computer, or various items stored inside.

But what many may not know is that con-artists, hackers, and thieves are always looking for new ways to get your personal information. In some places, it’s possible for identity thieves to scan nearby cards, phones, and devices for data. Imagine what they could do after scanning all the info from your credit or debit card. They would have unfettered access to your finances.

To prevent such a thing, The Alpha Keeper Money Belt for Travel includes a RFID blocking shield. It’s secured with three layers, which will keep out prying eyes or devices. It is made specifically to protect your belongings, cash, and credit cards.

A secure button-fly enclosure helps ensure the pockets remain tightly closed, no matter what you have inside. There is a small earbud hole too, so if you keep a phone or media player inside you can still use it to listen to the audio.

It’s not big enough to store everything and anything though. If you make a habit of carrying a large, full purse, you might have trouble fitting everything inside this money belt. That said, there’s plenty of room for your keys, wallet, passport, phone, traveler’s checks, cash, and more.

If you’re looking for a better way to secure your valuable belongings, this belt is the way to go. In Italy and Europe, pickpocketing is common. You never want to find yourself on the unfortunate end of a robbery, especially when it can be easily prevented.

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