Bark and Meow Pet Travel Tote Safe for Carry-On Use

Need to bring your pets with you wherever you're going? The Bark and Meow Travel Tote should meet your needs.

Bark and Meow best Pet Travel tote for carry-on tripsSometimes, there’s an option to leave your pets at home when you travel. Whether you hire a petsitter, enlist the help of a family member or friend, or take them to a boarder, there are options. Sadly, leaving your pets behind isn’t always the ideal choice.

The Bark and Meow Pet Travel Tote is the perfect solution for pet-owners that are always on the go. It’s a carry-on safe, pet travel tote that includes everything you’d ever need, so there’s much less to pack.

For starters, it has a detachable rolling system and handle – with four wheels – that can be used to roll the tote along the ground behind you. Don’t worry; there are plenty of handles so you can carry it if you’d prefer to do that.

There’s a short leash attached to the inside, which you can presumably connect to your pet’s collar. This will prevent them from leaping out and escaping when you open the tote. It also has an integrated silicone pet bowl for food and water. The entire system is suitable for both dogs and cats, though only up to 22 pounds. For bigger animals, you’ll need to find another solution.

There are three openings or entrances if you will. One on the front, rear, and top. You can reach your pet through any of the openings, take them out, or place them back inside. The inner pad on the bottom of the bag is removable too, so you can keep it nice and clean even if your pet does their business on it.

The bag does meet any and all kennel requirements for carry-on pets if you’re taking a flight, but you’ll need to check with each airline individually to make sure it’s okay to travel with. Some airlines have separate policies and restrictions, as we’re sure you know.

All in all, it’s a great solution if you want to bring your pet with you just about anywhere.

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