BASU eAlarm and Tripwire Hook Portable Emergency Alarm

This keychain-sized device will sound a loud, 130-decibel emergency alarm if the pin is pulled, for 30 minutes straight.
BASU eAlarm best portable emergency alarm

BASU eAlarm best portable emergency alarmA few things can happen when you’re camping or backpacking out in the wilderness alone. Someone unscrupulous could stumble upon your camp with the intent to harm you, or animals can stumble upon your camp. If the latter happens and the animal is a bear or wolf, you’re going to be in some real trouble.

Yes, there are procedures you can follow to make sure this doesn’t happen. You can bury waste and trash and seal or pack all food so it’s not out in the open. But what about when you’re sleeping? Shouldn’t there be a way to alert yourself when someone or something has ventured too close?

The BASU eAlarm and Tripwire Hook is a small, portable emergency alarm. It’s the size of your average keychain, and has a hook on one end, so you can hang from a belt loop or bag.

What is it exactly? You’ve heard of emergency whistles before, right? This is similar, except it’s a 130-decibel alarm that will sound when you pull the top pin. The alarm will continue, unhindered for 30 full minutes unless you replace the pin. You can also set it up with a tripwire at the edge of your campsite, to wake you up and alert you as soon as someone ventures into your camp.

The body is surrounded by a black, rugged, rubber that is water-resistant. You don’t have to worry about it getting ruined if you spend all your time outside. And if you were wondering, the alarm is reusable, as many times as you need. The battery and metal carabiner come with the alarm, and you can choose from several colors including pink, blue, green, and black.

It would be nice to see a few added features, as it stands this is just an audible alarm, and that’s it. Maybe a flashlight or emergency light would be a good idea? Even without anything else though, the alarm is loud enough to keep you alert and safe if something happens.

Keep in mind, even though we painted this portable emergency alarm as a camping-friendly device, it will be useful just about anywhere. Whether you’re in the middle of nowhere, or nestled down a side alley in the city,  this alarm will alert you and others when it’s necessary.

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