Belfry Rico Crushable Straw Hat Ideal for Travel

The Belfry Rico is a hat that can be crushed or bundled up for travel, and it's durable.
Belfry Rico best straw hat for travel

Belfry Rico best straw hat for travelAh hats, arguably the greatest piece of clothing or accessory to shield you from the hot sun. They can also help protect your eyes and face from blinding light, especially when you’re outdoors. The only problem with hats, like most flimsy pieces of clothing, is they’re fallible. How so? Try packing a hat in your bag or luggage when you’re getting ready to travel.

Most hats do not fare well when packed. The Belfry Rico by Hats in the Belfry, however, is a crushable paper straw hat that is designed to be bundled up. It comes in the style of a classic Fedora, with multiple sizes from small to extra-large.

The hat is a tan-like toast color, with a brown and tan accented band around the rim. The rim is a 2” pre-snapped layer. If you know nothing of hats, it’s a reasonable band size especially for a straw hat. The interior of the hat is unlined, but there’s a brown cotton sweatband inside that should help keep you cool even on the hottest of days.

The most important factor with something like this is whether or not its durable. Does it indeed live up to the “crushable” title and moniker, or will it break down after a trip or two? The answer is yes, it’s a remarkably durable hat seeing as its made of straw. It’s also comfortable to wear, even in the heat, which is something you’ll be appreciative of if you’re traveling to a warm climate.

Plus, it’s not expensive at all. So, if you do lose it for some reason, or something happens to it on your trip, you won’t feel too much guilt. The biggest drawback with this particular hat is that there are no other styles to choose from. If you don’t like the light-tan/toast color, then you’re not going to like the look of the straw hat. We happen to think it looks great on everyone though.

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