Bluesmart One Smart Luggage

The Bluesmart One smart luggage has everything you need for travel and safety.
Bluesmart One smart luggage in use to charge phone

Bluesmart One best smart luggage front and backIf you were asked to sit down and put together a list of things you’d like to see become “smarter” with extra connectivity, we’d bet that smart luggage and carry-on bags wouldn’t make your list. Not because it’s a bad idea, but because it’s not something pressing you would have considered. You will now.

The Bluesmart One is smart luggage in every sense. It will sync with your smartphone via Bluetooth to unlock a variety of features and tracking options. For example, it has a built-in digital scale that can report the current weight of everything you have stored inside. You’ll know before you even get to the check-in counter whether or not your bag is going to be acceptable.

Have to check it? No problem. You’ll never lose it thanks to the remote tracking support and 3G+GPS, which you can monitor anytime through the mobile app, no matter where the bag is. There’s a remote locking feature too that can tell you if you left your bag unsecured, and if you need to you can lock it back up.

With something that requires a constant wireless connection to your phone, there’s always the possibility that it’s going to drain the battery. You could say that is one caveat, but luckily there is something to take care of that. Since no one wants to be stranded in the middle of the airport with a dead phone in their bag, the Bluesmart has an integrated battery pack. You can use it to charge up your phone – and other devices – up to a total of six times. Six full times.

Of course, this is a conventional piece of luggage too, so it includes wheels, a fold-out handle, and plenty of storage space and compartments to stow your gear. Thanks to security features, you can leave your passport and sensitive documents inside without worrying. Seriously, that remote locking feature is going to come in real handy.

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