Camp Multi-Tool Travel Utensil Kit with Knife, Fork, Spoon, and Can Opener

Forget packing a whole travel utensil set, you can bring this single multi-tool along instead.

Camp Multi Tool best travel utensil kitPlastic utensils break easily, and they’re not the most environmentally friendly, especially if you’re camping or staying outdoors. Plus, who wants to remember bringing a stack of utensils everywhere you go, anyway?

The Camp Multi-Tool is reminiscent of a Swiss Army Knife or regular multi-tool with one exception, the components are mostly utensils. That’s right, it comes with a knife, fork, spoon, and you can never forget the can opener. It’s an effective and compact travel utensil set.

All the utensils are made of stainless steel, so they’re durable and strong enough to cut or chop meats. Ever tried to bore through meat with a plastic knife? Good luck with that.

On the rear of the tool case is a belt clip, so you can attach the multi-tool to your belt, on the inside of a pocket, or even slip it inside a bag or purse. It’s great for preppers, and will round-out your bug-out or bug-in bag with some utensils.

If you buy a couple and keep the pair together, you can set up nearly full size utensils by folding out a single component on one side. For example, you could have the spoon opened up on one side and the knife on the other. With the second tool you can have another utensil, allowing you to hold them like normal. It’s a neat idea, and it’s something that would be super useful to have when you least expect it.

Overall, the camp multi-tool is lightweight and incredibly portable. What more could you ask for from a travel utensil kit, honestly?

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