The Cauldryn Is an Ultra Portable Mug for Boiling Water

Cauldryn is a battery-powered portable mug that can be used to boil water for food or drink.
Cauldryn best portable mug for boiling water

Cauldryn best portable mug for boiling waterWhen you’re out in the wilds, it’s necessary to cook and prepare your food. The BioLite CampStove 2 is a great solution, and it’s portable enough. You can boil water in minutes. But sometimes “enough” isn’t, well, what you want.

Backpacking, for instance, dictates that you bring a minimal supply of gear. Since you’ll be carrying most of it, you don’t want to lug around bulky or oddly-weighted items. That’s where something like the Cauldryn portable mug, comes into the picture.

It’s battery-powered, and you can use it to boil water, quickly and efficiently. In the great outdoors, you’ll need to be able to boil water for tea and coffee, cleaning, eating, drinking, and much more. It’s how you ensure the water is healthy and consumable, even from a contaminated source.

The Cauldryn heats water thanks to a proprietary heating element called Fyre. It attaches to the bottom of the vacuum-insulated cylinder and can be used to heat the contents. There are four different temperatures: Hot, Extra Hot, Brew, and Boil.

There’s an additional, smaller unit called the Fyre Mobile which is – as you might expect – more expensive. It also happens to be more portable than its original brethren.

Even as a portable mug, the Cauldryn is modular. If you buy just the base model, it does not include a rechargeable battery. However, you can easily add one later if you want. You can also choose to power the mug with the battery, or you can plug it into a DC outlet.

The Cauldryn is the focus of an IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign currently. At the time of writing, there are a few days left (it’s likely over now). But the financial goal of $10,000 is already met, and initial shipments will go to backers in August 2017, provided the schedule is kept. We suppose you could consider that a con, if you’re not fond of crowdfunded products.

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