Eagle Creek Silk Neck Wallet

The Eagle Creek Neck Wallet is designed to hold your most valuable items close to your chest, including credit cards, passports and more.
Eagle Creek Neck Wallet best security wallet

Eagle Creek Silk best neck walletTraveling light and don’t want to carry a purse, handbag, or backpack? Worried a regular wallet might get snatched right out of your pocket? Where can you carry your cash, credits cards, and travel documents securely?

These are things you have to worry about when you’re traveling abroad, but there are better ways to carry your gear, at least your credit and payment cards, passport and identification. The Eagle Creek Silk Neck Wallet is a shoulder or neck-worn bag that can carry your most valuable items.

It comes in either an all black color or a rose, which is similar to a light brown and rose gold mix. You can also wear it with the shoulder strap over your shoulder like a regular bag, if you’re so inclined.

It’s both sweat-resistant, and breathable. That way, if and when you wear it underneath a shirt or jacket close to your chest, you don’t have to worry about it getting ruined or making you hot. It’s washable too, so as long as you empty it before tossing it in the washer you can give it a nice clean. It’s silk-lined too so it’s comfortable and won’t make you itch.

There are two zippered front pockets for slim papers, cards, and documents such as your passport and travel tickets. On the rear is a slip pocket to hold other items.

The only downside to this pack is there’s no RFID blocking or protection, but honestly, it will be so close to your body – if worn the way it was intended – you shouldn’t have many problems. Plus, there’s really not enough room to hold a bunch of electronics inside. It’s meant only for the smallest and most valuable gear you carry.

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