ECEEN Hiking Daypack with Solar Charger for the Great Outdoors

This hiking daypack includes a removable solar panel and battery pack to charge your devices outdoors.
ECEEN best hiking daypack with solar panel

ECEEN best hiking daypack with solar panelIf you’re outdoors hiking or camping, the sun is an excellent source of energy. The problem is, you have to harness its energy and convert it for use if you want to juice up your electronics. Conventional solar charging systems are bulky and need to remain in place long enough to gather energy.

Wouldn’t it be super convenient if there was a way to generate energy and charge your devices while you walk? You’re already in the sun anyway! Queue the ECEEN Hiking Daypack with Solar Charger.

It’s a lightweight backpack to carry your belongings while you travel. Comprised of tear-resistant nylon, this hiking daypack is durable. But it also comes with a 3.5-watt removable solar panel and 2,000 mAh battery pack. The solar panel charges the battery, which can then be used to charge your devices, such as a smartphone, camera, or tablet.

When you’re ready to harness energy, just unfurl the solar panel and attach it to the exterior of the bag. But when you no longer need it, you can fold it up and store it inside the bag. Plus, the bag itself collapses into a more portable form – when you don’t have anything stored inside, that is.

It’s an excellent solution for hiking, climbing, biking, and outdoor activities of any kind. And it comes in a variety of colors including blue, grey, green and red.

Sitting down to relax? No problem, you can detach the solar panel and battery and continue to charge your devices by placing them on the ground or a surface nearby. When you’re ready to go, just pack all the supplies again and head on your way.

There is one thing to keep in mind. Some airlines are strict about the electronics you can bring overseas, so the battery may not be approved. This can be problematic considering you need the battery to harness solar energy collected by the panel. Of course, you could always leave the included battery at home and find a replacement when you arrive at your new destination.

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