Fellows MobilePro Series Executive Tablet Case for iPad with Keyboard

Why carry around a bunch of peripherals for your iPad separately, when you can fit them all neatly into this folio?
Fellows best iPad case and folio with keyboard top down

Fellows best case for iPad and folio with keyboardOne thing the iPad Air and Air 2 – heck, all the iPad models – are missing, is a physical QWERTY keyboard as none come with one. You can buy a Bluetooth keyboard to pair up with your iPad but trying to collect all your peripherals and pack them when you travel is a hassle. For example, if you have a case for iPad, separate keyboard, stylus, bag or carrier, and of course the chargers and power adapters for all that, you have to make sure you bring everything when you leave the house.

Wouldn’t it be better to have a case for iPad with a built-in keyboard? Queue the Fellows MobilePro Series Executive Tablet Case for the iPad Air and iPad Air 2. It is a mobile workstation that allows you to set up a computer or laptop type workspace.

The side folds out to reveal business card holders, a file holder, and a magnetic enclosure for pens and the like. When you’re ready to work, just unpack and spread out the folio. When you’re ready to move just fold it all up again and head out. It’s simple, convenient, and remarkably useful for anyone that is always on the move.

There are different versions available for the larger iPads – new and old – if you don’t have an Air. Plus, when you seal the folio it provides ample protection for your iPad, keeping it free from dirt, scratches, and more.

Bear in mind, the keyboard is smaller by nature, so if you’re used to full-size mechanical keyboards, you might not find the one included with the folio as comfortable, or accurate; especially if you have thick fingers like me. That said, it’s ideal when you need a keyboard in a pinch; it’s worlds better than trying to type everything out via the touchscreen.

The keyboard is removable, so you can detach from the folio, and use it simply as a case for iPad if you want. Also, the keyboard stays nice and snug inside the folio when all opened up, even when you’re plugging away at the keys.

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