GoTenna Mesh Off-Grid Mobile Network

This device acts as a portable antenna that lets you use your phone virtually anywhere.
GoTenna Mesh off-grid mobile network portable internet antenna

GoTenna Mesh off-grid mobile network

Our smartphones may be full of impressive features, but they’re mostly useless when offline. What exactly are you supposed to do when you need to contact a friend but there’s no service? A revolutionary product called GoTenna Mesh Off-Grid Mobile Network finally addresses that issue. This device acts as a portable antenna that lets you use your phone virtually anywhere.

Just pair the GoTenna Mesh with your phone via Bluetooth and start communicating with other Mesh-connected devices. Mesh doesn’t let you call or text using your phone’s native messaging service. However, the free Mesh app has its own messaging platform you can use intuitively to contact your friends. The app also includes offline maps for any area around the globe. Use it to share your location with your friends so you don’t get lost in an unfamiliar territory ever again. You don’t need to worry about battery either, because one charge lasts you 24-hours.

The GoTenna Mesh was built with the demands of travelers in mind. It’s weatherproof and fits perfectly in your pocket. Despite its size, it can broadcast up to four miles in open areas and one mile in urban areas.

What’s neat about this device is that you can expand your range by using other Gotennas in the area as relay points. You don’t even need to request permission from other Gotenna users to do it. Just type your message, press send, and your friend will automatically receive it. Every message is encrypted, so there’s no need to worry about strangers reading your information.

The downside? You can only communicate with others as long as they’re also connected to their GoTenna Mesh. Thankfully, they come in 2-packs, 4-packs, and 8-packs that you can share with friends when you travel. And it doesn’t matter what device they have; the Mesh is compatible with both iOS and Android smartphones. Unfortunately, this device currently does not work on Windows phones.

Although the GoTenna Mesh Off-Grid Mobile Network doesn’t allow full use of your phone (such as letting you make phone calls), it still proves invaluable in many situations. Use it whether you’re traveling in another country or in the woods where there’s unreliable network signal. In the event of a natural disaster, you can even use this device when all the networks are down.


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