HotLogic Mini Portable Oven and Food Tote

Store your prepared meals in this lunch tote, and either keep them warm or slow cook them while you go about your business.
HotLogic mini best portable oven closed and sealed

HotLogic best portable oven and lunch toteUnless you’re planning to pick up fast food or eat out, you probably bring your lunch with you, and that’s true whether you’re going to work, or even taking a quick road trip. In most cases, a lunch box or portable cooler will do just fine, but what about when you want to heat up your food?

The HotLogic Mini Personal Portable Oven is an insulated tote that includes aluminum lining to maximize heat or cold retention. But it also includes an interior and removable heating platform so that when you place food inside the tote, it can either remain warm or be slowly heated and cooked. Regarding cooking food, the makers refer to the HotLogic tote as a “slow cooking oven” similar to a Crockpot.

It is capable of heating uncooked and frozen, reheating leftovers, and even warming up thawed meals. After the food inside is fully prepared, the heating element will remain warm so that the food stays at the optimal temperature, whether you’re ready to eat it right then, or a while after.

It does require a power outlet, so you can’t exactly use this thing out in the middle of the wilderness unless you have a generator or suitable source of energy.

Unlike a Crockpot, you cannot put liquids or frozen foods directly in this portable oven or tote. It’s best to put them inside a container instead, one that is conducive to heating. That way the fluids and oils don’t spill out to the inside of the bag and ruin the lining.

Fitness enthusiasts and health nuts will love this thing because it’s great at handling prepared meals. You can take them right out of the fridge, toss them in the tote, and plug it in whenever you get to your destination.

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