IceMule Cooler Is a Soft Cooler with Added Insulation

The IceMule Cooler will keep your foods and beverages cold for up to 24-hours.
IceMule best portable soft cooler

IceMule best portable soft coolerGoing somewhere hot like the beach and want to keep your drinks cool? What about food or water? You’ll also want to keep goods relatively cool if you’re hiking or camping, or even planning a picnic.

The IceMule Cooler is a padded, soft cooler that is both portable and insulated. It is capable of holding up to 20-Liters, 6 bottles of wine, or 18 cans worth of food, perishables, and beverages. When you fill it with ice, the cooler will keep it intact for up to 24 hours sans leaks or spills.

The outside has a unique dry-bag setup that keeps it from building up moisture and getting too slippery. Plus, it has a padded backstrap so you can wear it like a backpack, or rest it over your shoulder. With a cooler this size, that’s extremely important. Because once it’s full of food or beverages, it’s going to be pretty heavy. You don’t want to have to lug this thing without straps or a good place to grip the exterior.

A unique air-based layer and valve allows you to add extra air to the exterior of the cooler for even more insulation. This will help keep the contents cool and secure while you travel.

When you’re done with it, just empty out the contents and ice, make sure the air is gone and its deflated, and then you can roll it up. It’s lightweight and small when collapsed so you can store it just about anywhere.

When it’s all open, full of air and ice, the soft cooler measures 12-inches by 16-inches tall (large), or 10-inches by 16-inches tall (medium). It comes in several colors including blue, green, orange, and more. If you want to choose a different color go right ahead.

Owners note it can be tough to clean, especially if you use the cooler to store pungent foods or beverages.

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