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When you head to certain warmer locations in the world, you can be pretty sure a lot of your time is going to be spent in and around the...
Joto Best Universal Waterproof Cases

Joto Best Universal Waterproof CasesWhen you head to certain warmer locations in the world, you can be pretty sure a lot of your time is going to be spent in and around the crystal-clear waters that tempted you there in the first place. This of course means that if you want to document your vacation with selfies, videos, and photos as you swim, surf, and snorkel, you’re going to need shell out a bunch of cash for waterproof camera. Or you could just buy the budget-friendly Joto Universal Waterproof Phone Case and turn your smartphone into an underwater camera.

This dry bag for your phone can accommodate almost any smartphone with a diagonal size up to 6 inches. This includes iPhone models 8 and 7, Samsung Galaxy S8, the Google Pixel 2, and a variety of others.

Nearly invisible windows on the front and back of the Joto waterproof phone case make taking pictures and videos with your phone in easy, and the tough but thin exterior makes performing other touch screen phone tasks possible, too. So even when you’re out kayaking or tubing lazily down a river, your phone can remain right alongside you without losing any of its functionality.

To use it, s
imply place your phone inside, snap the bag up, and push the seals to the locked position. Once tightly closed, your Joto waterproof case is rated IPX-8 up to 100 feet and also provides protection from other potential harmful elements, like sand, dust, dirt, and snow.

Although made for phones, the Joto waterproof case can be used to keep other important items safe, too. This might include your passport, bank cards, or money. It’s also available in a range of colors, including black, green, and camo options. And to ensure you never drop your phone in the ocean, this waterproof phone case comes with a handy neck strap for convenient carrying on the go.

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