The Lingmo Translate One2One Is a Pocket Translator for Your Ear

If you need accurate translations in real-time, the One2One will get it done in up to eight widely-spoken languages.
Translate One2One Earpiece by Lingmo best travel translator

Translate One2One pocket translator Earpiece by Lingmo“No, no, no. I asked where the restroom is? Not the coat room.”

One of the most difficult things about traveling internationally isn’t the crossing of physical borders but of language barriers. Have you ever tried to communicate with locals that just don’t speak your language? Good luck! Not only is it frustrating, but it can also take forever just trying to get your point across, at no fault of your own – or anyone else’s.

There are ways to translate on the fly – like Google Translate – but they aren’t always effective. Neither is using a local guidebook because it can take a while to find the words needed to complete a full sentence. You just end up looking like a dolt leafing through some random book.

The Translate One2One by Lingmo is a unique earpiece that can translate up to eight spoken languages thanks to a built-in microphone. It works like a pocket translator, except it comes in the form of a standalone earpiece. Better yet, it takes just three to five seconds total for the conversion to happen.

How is this possible? It uses IBM’s AI Watson and its Natural Language Understanding and Language Translation API to convert words. It does not require an active Bluetooth or Wi-Fi wireless connection to work either. It’s all done via digital machine learning hardware and software.

The One2One was designed for use at the Good Summit in Geneva Switzerland, so naturally, it must be capable of impressive levels of speed and accuracy. The languages it can translate include French, English (UK and US), Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, and Portuguese.

While it’s not the most attractive piece of wearable tech, it is functional, and that’s important. If you’re traveling abroad, it will be convenient to have a device like this, that can translate on the fly and save your butt in a pinch. It costs $179 for a single earpiece or $229 for the 2-piece travel pack. First shipments started going out in July, so it’s available now.

Oh, and it also happens to be on one of our writer’s favorite travel gear lists.

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