Nightlife In Singapore: The Ultimate Guide To The Perfect Night Out

Whether you’re looking for a sophisticated wine & dine experience, or an insane night out with friends, Singapore truly has it all.
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Singapore, the man-made garden city, is not only a great place for travelers to explore during the day, but it also offers one of the best nightlife experiences in the world! The night is always young in Singapore and it truly comes alive when the sun sets and the city lights are switched on in their full glory!

Whether you’re looking for a sophisticated wine & dine experience, an insane night out with friends, a bar-hopping parade, or a city exploration at night, one and all are offered by this vibrant city that leaves you feeling free-spirited and energized.


Where to Eat Before Enjoying Singapore’s Nightlife

Line your stomach well before going all out!

night out in singapore - restaurants

Singapore is truly a culinary heaven and a dream for foodies! Love trying new cuisines?! Just pick one and you’re sure to find a great restaurant serving it up in the city. Starting with a scrumptious dinner is highly recommended. Serving up different cuisines from all over the world, the following are the places that I just have to visit each time I am in Singapore.

Din Tai Fung – Don’t just take it from me, Din Tai Fung is rated as one of the Top 10 Best Restaurants in the world by The New York Times.

Pizzeria Mozza – This place serves up hot gourmet pizza, Italian style. It’s a popular spot, so making a reservation is highly recommended.

Marché – Eat like the Swiss in Singapore at Marché. The Roesti with dripping cheese is an absolute must-try.

Alaturka – For fine Turkish and Mediterranean cuisine, Alaturka is the place to go.

Cha Cha Cha – Didn’t I tell you Singapore had it all? Cha Cha Cha is one of Singapore’s oldest Mexican restaurants and they make a mean margarita. What more could you ask for?

Jim Thompson – Would you believe me if I told you a place called Jim Thompson serves up great Thai food in Singapore? Don’t ask questions. Just go.


Essential Stops on Your Singapore Pub Crawl

Now that you’re well and fed, fancy a drink? Let’s go pub hopping!

night out in singapore - raffles hotel

Singapore truly spoils you for choice when it comes to their vast selection of bars and pubs. Whether you’re a beer person or you love your wine, there is something for everybody. The city has been featured in lists upon lists for having the best bars and some of the best nightlife in the world for years now!

Here are my top picks:

The Long Bar: Located in the iconic Raffles Hotel and visited for the world famous Singapore Sling, The Long Bar is truly a great place to go get cocktails with your girls. However what I found most intriguing and fun was how they served whole peanuts with your drinks that you would have to peel and eat!

The Black Swan: If your style is more sophisticated and elegant, head to this stunningly done up bar which is sure to leave you artistically inspired.

The Library: A bar called ‘The Library’? Really?! Yes, this unique space is conceptualized as a hidden bar, popular among the locals and secured by a password that changes daily! Like them on Facebook to get your access but hush, do not let the secret out!

Chupitos: A quirky ‘shots’ bar attracting a young student crowd, all set to start their night with a bang! Try shots that are unheard of and which are sure to crack you up. Play games and compete with your friends to see which of them actually make it to the adjoining clubs in the famous Clarke Quay area afterward!

Red Dot Brewhouse: This is my all-time favorite and if you love your beer as much as I do, you’re going to absolutely fall in love with this place. Sit in the open area and enjoy the live music. The fairy lights coupled with Singapore’s cool evening breeze is sure to create a magical experience that you shall never forget!

Wine Connection: This one is for all the wine lovers out there! If you’re looking for a chilled evening and catching up over wine and cheese, this place offers the perfect setting! Taste a variety of wines and cheeses and give yourself the indulgent time you so deserve.


The Best Spots to Enjoy Singapore’s Nightlife Scene

Groove all night, sometimes with the stunning backdrop of the magnificent skyline!

night out in singapore - clarke quay

Cé La Vi: This posh and romantic club located in Marina Bay Sands rooftop evokes a feeling like no other! Classy music and a sophisticated crowd are what adds to the feel of the place. However, the most stunning aspect of this Sky Bar is the breathtaking view of the city’s skyline which makes it my favorite to visit year after year!

1-Altitude: Here is another club for all you rooftop bar lovers out there. It is a tad cheaper than Cé La Vi and has a younger and more student friendly buzz.

Attica: Spread over three floors and in the vibrant Clarke Quay area, their Friday nights are nothing but crazy! Quite popular with students and international tourists, this place is a must if you’re looking for a fun quintessential clubbing night. Ladies, make sure to head here on Wednesdays for free drinks and spa treatments specially arranged to pamper you!

Tanjong Beach Club: A man-made beach, some great music, summery cocktails and a pool full of partygoers, partying away from late afternoons to midnight! Yes, I know, it sounds more than perfect but that is exactly how Sundays are at this heaven of a place.

Kilo Lounge: Head here if you’re the type that runs away from clubs screaming of young, over enthusiastic student hoards! Kilo has a more sophisticated vibe with the working Singaporean crowd being their major patrons. One of the very few places buzzing on Thursday nights, drop by here wearing something smart and black!

Zouk: If you want to live a truly ‘Singaporean’ authentic clubbing experience, Zouk is the place for you. This is the place the locals swear by and this is where the clubbing scene of the city originally began. The music at Zouk is different from the usual popular playlist blasting in the other clubs and the crowd mainly includes local Singaporeans. Though it’s not really my scene, I would recommend visiting it for its local feel and authenticity.

Bang Bang: Yes as the name suggests, this place is truly all about bombarding you with in-your-face fun! Their vibe is young but gothic and towards a wilder, darker edge. Insane treatment for VIP guests and some really sensual dancing by their in-house performers makes a night here one to remember — and truly unique from the rest.


Other Ways to Enjoy Nightlife in Singapore

If you don’t like dancing, explore the city!

night out in singapore

Partying is not the only thing that is great about nightlife in Singapore. There is so much more going on in this vibrant city, outside of the club scene, that there is truly something for everyone.

Night Safari: One for the family or hardcore animal lovers, Singapore has one of the most popular night safaris in the world. Go admire the beauties by foot or by bus. You will feel as if you’re right amidst the forests, with exotic animals acting completely at home in their settings.

Casinos: Love gambling? Or just feeling lucky for a change?! Head to one of the many casinos the city has to offer for some risky fun. They’re open all night and if you want to experience grandeur at its best, the Marina Bay Sands Casino is a must-visit.

City Touring: I love Singapore at night more than I ever could during the day. Explore the city at night all lit up and looking extremely pretty. Go see the famous ‘Singapore MerLion’ and walk through the Helix Bridge with fairy lights lighting up the delicate glass structure.

My Secret Spot: This has to be the most stunning place in Singapore and I happened to discover it only after my second visit. Use the back gate of Marina Bay Sands to exit the mall and keep walking towards the water till you spot the Louis Vuitton showroom. Go down the tiny fleet of stairs and Voila! It is like a tiny wooden plank for overlooking the water and the magnificent Singapore Skyline. The tall grand buildings all lit up at night reflect on the water surface and form a beautiful setting to just sit and stare in wonder!

So now that you know the best ways to enjoy nightlife in Singapore, be prepared to have the time of your life!


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