Noke Padlock 1st Gen Smart Lock

The Noke Padlock is a portable lock that you can interact with using your phone and a mobile app. No physical keys necessary.
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best smart lock Noke Padlock first genSometimes, you just need a reliable lock; if so the Noke Padlock is a good candidate. Maybe you want to lock down your luggage so no one can rifle through it? Maybe you want to secure your bag to a nearby chair or piece of furniture while you’re busy studying or reading? Or, perhaps you want to fasten a binder, laptop or another valuable, yet small item?

Whatever the case, there are more choices than a conventional padlock with a key. Instead, why not opt for a smart lock you can open with your smartphone?

The Noke lock does just that. It has a unique, keyless design and can be quickly opened – or closed – via your mobile device and the app. Plus, if you decide to get more than one lock, you can manage them – yes, multiple locks – through the same app and account.

You can also use the mobile app and wireless technology to share access with friends, family or colleagues. For example, if you go to lunch and forget to unlock your bag, but need to allow your colleague the option to retrieve something. You can unlock Noke remotely, and lock it back up again when you’re done.

Forget your phone? Now, what do you do since this thing doesn’t use a regular key? You can setup a custom tap code – similar to Morse code – that you can just tap out on the surface of the lock. With the right pattern, it will open right up for you.

The Noke padlock is made of hard steel and boron, which means it’s durable in pressure, heat, and tough environments. It’s also water-resistant, so it can handle a little moisture from time to time.

Inside is a regular CR2032 cell battery – like the kind you find inside a wristwatch or graphing calculator. It should last for up to a whole year under normal use.

There’s an optional key fob accessory sold separately too, which acts as a proximity based key. When the fob is near the lock, it will open, thanks to a brief wireless signal. It would be nice to see the key fob included with the lock, but at least you have the option to use them.

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