Pacsafe Travelsafe GII Portable Safe

It’s one of the hardest choices to make when you travel – is it safer to leave your valuables in your room or keep them on you? Obviously, there’s...
Pacsafe Best Travelsafe GII Portable Safes

Pacsafe Best Travelsafe GII Portable SafesIt’s one of the hardest choices to make when you travel – is it safer to leave your valuables in your room or keep them on you? Obviously, there’s always going to be several factors to take into consideration before you make your decision. Such as “the hotel will not take responsibility for stolen belongings” signs, or the fact that your door lock appears to have been broken into once before. But, if your prefer to leave things behind, then consider investing in the Pacsafe Travelsafe GII Portable Safe.

This poly-canvas bag features Pacsafe’s patented 360-degree eXomesh locking system to ensure that no one is getting to your belongings without a fight. This stainless steel wire mesh covers the whole bag and prevents simple cut-and-open access to your stuff. The top of the bag has several loops which can be joined and locked using the drawstring closure and included wire, and TSA-accepted, 3-dial combination lock. These measures ensure that without breaking the wires or lock, no one is getting inside to your belongings.

The Pacsafe portable safe is available in two sizes. A smaller 5L bag and a larger 12L option. Both have a soft, brushed polyester lining to keep your stuff protected and scratch-free, while the outer material is water resistant and has two easy-carry handles. For reference, the 5L bag can fit up to a 10-inch tablet and the 12L version can hold up to 13-inch laptops.  

The safest way to lock the bag is by feeding the locking wire through a permanent fixture in the room. A pipe or floor-to-ceiling beam is ideal. This means any potential thieves can’t remove the bag from the room. For times when you aren’t using the bag, it packs down flat into a convenient size for easy storage and transport.

While you can never say with 100% surety that the Pacsafe portable safe will prevent your belongings from being stolen, it does give you the peace of mind of knowing that there is a major barrier between any potential thieves and your belongings. A tough barrier that cannot simply be overcome unless aided by specialist tools. This should be enough to deter the majority of casual criminals looking for a quick buck.

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