Pendleton Twin Camp Blanket with Carrier

This easy-to-carry blanket is going to be your new favorite travel companion.

Pendleton best twin camp blankets with carriersIf you’re eager to go camping but dread the idea of freezing in the woods, the Pendleton Twin Camp Blanket might be just what you need. Made of 86 percent wool and 14 percent cotton, this rollable travel blanket provides you that extra layer of warmth when the great outdoors get a little too cold for comfort.

It comes with a leather carrier inspired by the ones originally used by cowboys and sheepherders in the Pacific Northwest. It’s stylish, but also rugged and highly functional. With several classic patterns to choose from, this blanket looks elegant, even when used indoors. It’s just as suitable in your bedroom as it is in your tent.

Fully unfurled, the blanket is about seven feet wide and five feet long, which is wide enough to fit two people. When packed in the carrier, its size goes down to 16 inches wide and nine inches long. Even when rolled up, however, its dimensions are still a bit too big to fit in a small daypack. Fortunately, the carrier makes it easy for you to strap it onto your backpack or carry around your shoulder.

The only real downside is that this blanket doesn’t come with a waterproof cover. When it rains, it would be tricky to carry around if it gets soaked. However, a little ingenuity is all it takes to solve this simple problem. If you use a rain cover or a waterproof jacket to protect it, it should hold up well against the elements.

With a combination of elegant design and functionality rolled into one blanket, the Pendleton Twin Camp Blanket will be an indispensable camping companion for years to come. With wool’s proven durability, who knows, this product could even last for generations. It helps to know its timeless look will never go out of style, too.

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