RAVPower FileHub Plus Wireless Travel Adapter and Router

The RAVPower FileHub Plus is a comprehensive travel adapter and router with multiple uses, including battery, Wi-Fi, and storage.
RAVPower FileHub Plus best portable travel router

RAVPower FileHub Plus best portable travel routerThe best travel gear is always the comprehensive stuff. You know what we mean. The devices and equipment that serve a dual or multi-purpose agenda. Like a backpack that doubles as a solar power generator and extra battery pack.

By choosing gadgets that do more than one thing, you can cut down on the total number of items you need to pack and carry with you. Feast your eyes on the RAVPower FileHub Plus, a full-featured adapter, and wireless travel router.

Stick with us, because there’s quite a bit to discuss. For starters, the RAVPower acts as a wireless router, allowing you to convert a traditionally wired network, wireless. It acts as a bridge and broadcasts secure Wi-Fi to devices – and users – nearby.

It also operates as a storage backup system and media file streamer. Thanks to an integrated SD Card and USB reader, you can easily move files back and forth between hard drives, SD cards, USB drives and much more. The RAVPower Filehub Plus App syncs up with your devices and the unit to transfer and manage content. The app is available for iOS and Android devices, but there’s no Windows Phone support, sadly.

Finally, it has an integrated 6,000 mAh power bank capable of 5 volts or 1 amp. It can keep the adapter powered on, and it can also be used to charge additional devices – like a smartphone – when you need a quick boost. Of course, you can also connect the micro-USB port to a power source as necessary.

Chances are, you already carry a mobile hotspot device and battery pack if you travel often. This merges both of those things – and more – so it’s remarkably convenient. It’s even Google Chromecast enabled, so if you have a Chromecast device or TV you can stream content to it wirelessly.

Keep in mind; this is not an internet-capable device on its own, it is simply a travel router. You will need access to the internet and a wired network first. That means you’ll need to hook it up to your motel room internet port, or a similar source. It is not a 3G or 4G hotspot. Of course, that doesn’t make it any less useful for frequent travelers.

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