SAFEGO Portable Lockbox for Indoor and Outdoor Use

SAFEGO is a portable lockbox ideal for travelers, that includes both a key and combination code lock to protect valuables.
SAFEGO best portable lockbox for travel security

SAFEGO best portable lockbox for travelOne thing I constantly worry about when I visit the beach is my stuff. I know that sounds funny, but I usually leave my phone and wallet by my beach blanket, bags, and umbrella. So, when I dive into the water, I still have to check on my stuff every once in a while. I’m not ever free to enjoy myself fully, and I’m sure I’m not the only one that feels that way.

SAFEGO is a portable lockbox or travel safe that you can use to secure anything of value. It can be opened with either a key or combination code of three digits. It can be attached to objects with a heavy-duty steel cable, allowing you to fasten it to the frame of a beach chair or cooler. You could argue that yes, someone may walk off with the whole seat, but you’ll be able to see that happening and so will everyone else around you.

The lock is rust-resistant and nickel-plated, which won’t easily smash or break. The same applies to the durable ABS plastic box, which is both impact and water resistant. Even though it’s plastic, no one is getting into this thing without a challenge. The water-resistance is great too in case it comes into contact with fluids or moisture. Fishing on a boat or going kayaking? No problem, your stuff will be secure and dry! Normally, you’d have to keep a dry bag handy for water protection. The SAFEGO also keeps both salt and fresh water out, as well as sand.

The SAFEGO portable lockbox comes in a variety of colors including pink, white, gold, blue and black. It slightly resembles a purse or handbag, especially in the more feminine colors. But honestly, who cares what it looks like as long as it keeps your valuables safe? If you decide to store your phone or media player inside, there are plugs or ports in the case for headphones, a charger, and various wires.

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