Satechi BT Button Series Bluetooth Remote for Your Smartphone

You can use Satechi's simple buttons to remotely control your phone's camera, media apps, and more.
Satechi BT Button Series best bluetooth remote shutter for phone

Satechi BT Button Series best bluetooth remote for smartphoneYou’re primed to take an amazing shot. You have your phone all set to capture the photo, and you realize… you have to step out of the frame to engage the shutter unless you use a timer. If you do enable the timer, there’s no guarantee you’ll move fast enough to get back in the frame again. You could always have someone else take the photo for you, but what if there’s no one around?

That’s just one scenario where you could take advantage of the Satechi BT Button Series Bluetooth remote. You’re traveling, want to take a quick snap, but don’t have the time to set things up properly. The Bluetooth remote – of which there are several types – will connect to your phone and make it carry out various commands.

There’s a media button, home button, shutter button, and even a Cortana virtual assistant button (Windows 10 phones only). What’s the difference? Each button syncs up wirelessly with your phone via Bluetooth and allows you to bind a quick, easy action to the remote.

With the shutter button, for instance, you can take a camera shot while the phone is placed several feet away. This allows you to get that amazing shot we were talking about earlier.

All buttons use a CR2016 cell battery, that will last for around 2 years. You can move up to 40 feet away from your device at a time, which is always a plus. There’s an optional attachment that lets you mount any one of the buttons to your bike handlebars, steering wheel, or dash.

Compatibility will vary between each button, which is a downside, so you’ll need to double check to make sure the one you want works with your device. Most newer smartphones are compatible, including the iPhone 6, LG G3, Moto X, Samsung Galaxy S4, and more.

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