SealLine EcoSee Clear Dry Bags Will Protect Your Gear from the Elements

The SealLine EcoSee dry bags will keep your gear safe from the elements, without negatively impacting the surrounding environment.
SealLine EcoSee best clear dry bags for camping and outdoors

SealLine EcoSee best clear dry bags for outdoorsWhen you’re camping, hiking, or boating you need to keep your gear dry. Electronics and food cannot get wet under any circumstances. Clothing isn’t going to feel good if it’s damp or moist either.

Most bags offer a thin layer of protection but in the pouring rain, or splashing water all bets are off. Ever been white water rafting? Everything – and we do mean everything – gets soaked.

The SealLine EcoSee Clear Dry Bags are just the thing to keep all your belongings, clothes, electronics, and gear dry. They’re made out of an eco-friendly yet puncture and abrasion resistant material that’s sturdy enough to withstand a beating. More importantly, anything you place inside the dry bags will remain free of moisture. A seal and roll-top enclosure will keep all moisture and water from entering, with a plastic clip for added protection against the elements.

The bags are clear so you can see inside. That’s will be helpful when the bag is packed to the brim, and you have to extract something. You won’t have to dig around blindly. Instead, you can just look in, reach for whatever it is you want, and pluck it right out of the bag.

SealLine claims the PVC-Free urethane the bags are made of are eco-friendly and less harmful to the environment, which is good considering you’ll have these bags outdoors most likely. They come in several sizes including small, medium and large: which can hold up to 10 liters, 20 liters, and 30 liters respectively.

One problem we notice is these dry bags are meant to be stowed as opposed to carried. There are no shoulder straps or handles, so it won’t be easy to lug around a full bag when you’re hiking. Make sure you have a way to transport your gear, otherwise you may find your arms more weary than you anticipated.

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