Siggi Women’s Packable Summer Hat with UPF50 Protection

The women's summer hat from Siggi is foldable and crushable, great to store in a pack or pack while traveling.
Siggi best packable women's summer hat with UPF50 Protection

Siggi best packable women's summer hat with UPF50 ProtectionRecently, we highlighted a Belfry Rico crushable straw summer hat for men. It’s designed in a way that it can be bunched or bundled without damaging the hat and its shape. This is ideal for travel, camping, or any activity where you might stow the hat in a pack or compact form.

You could look at the Belfry Rico as unisex in design, it’s not overly masculine. But it’s not exactly considered chic, either.

That said, ladies may be more enthusiastic about the Siggi Women’s Packable Summer Hat with UPF50 Protection. As you might guess, it’s chic and comes in a variety of colors including beige, red, grey, navy, black, and more.

It’s foldable, packable, and crushable with no creases anywhere. That means no matter how you fold or bundle the hat it won’t look like it’s been flattened by an elephant when you wear it. The Siggi comes in multiple sizes, but there’s an adjustable tape band around the inner ridge that is also covered by a moisture wicking sweatband. Your head won’t sweat profusely, and the hat – being 100% paper straw braided – is breathable.

Depending on your outfit and the position of the sun, you can flip the brim up or down, as you wish. An invisible and durable wire around the brim keeps it from being floppy or flimsy too. That’s crucial when there’s a strong breeze or wind because the hat would catch a lot of resistance without it.

If you purchase the hat through Comhats directly, shipping will take a bit longer at 8 to 12 business days because it has to travel far. If you want to get it sooner with faster shipping, make sure you have PRIME and choose “fulfilled” by Amazon. Otherwise, you’re going to be waiting for a while.

Aside from the longer shipping, it’s a great hat for the beach, hiking, camping, or outdoor activities of any kind.

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