Sitpack Is a Portable Chair You Can Use Anywhere

You can use the Sitback as a portable seat to sit down anywhere, albeit in a healthy and upright position.
Sitback opened up best outdoor seats for travel

Sitpack best outdoor seatStanding and walking all the time can be so exhausting. What if there was a way that you could sit down, anywhere, at any time? Where would you chill out for a few minutes? Would it be at the top of a mountain or on a ledge? What about at the bottom of a valley or in a green plain? Would you just sit and enjoy the quiet of a forest?

The Sitpack is a unique travel gadget that can be used to sit anywhere, albeit in a standing and upright position. If that description sounds a little confusing to you don’t worry, it probably will remain that way until you see this thing in use.

It’s made of glass fiber reinforced polycarbonate, so it’s remarkably durable and yet lightweight. It weighs just over a pound (1.32 lbs) and can support up to 100kg or 220 pounds of weight. Considering how small it is, that’s quite impressive.

It’s not a conventional outdoor seat, by any means. The Sitpack comes collapsed and resembles a thermos or waterbottle when all closed up. You open the top shell and fold it out into a seat, and then pull the inside pole down for support. When it’s all opened up, it looks strangely like a pogo stick but this thing is not bouncy or tough to use. You just sit down on the seat portion and rest your weight on the support pole.

You lean backward on the seat portion and let it bear the weight of your body. It looks a little awkward at first but works great once you get the hang of it. Who knew you could sit just about anywhere, even out in the wild without getting all filthy?

If an outdoor seat is not to your liking, there are other outdoor accommodations you could try.

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