spAIR Tray Portable Travel Shelf for Commercial Flights

The spAIR Tray is a portable travel shelf that you can slide onto the window of commercial airlines for extra storage room.
spAIR Tray best travel shelf

spAIR Tray best travel shelfYou don’t have much room in the economy class seats on a plane. Honestly, you don’t have a whole lot of room to maneuver in first class either. I’m not talking about actual open space; I’m talking about usable space such as a fold-out shelf or on your lap. If you’re reading a book, playing a portable game console or using your phone, then you should have no problems. Those activities don’t require much space.

But if you’re trying to type on a laptop or tablet and keyboard combo, things will feel cramped. What if there was a way to make a little extra room, so you that you can move extraneous items out of the way? Perhaps, a travel shelf would work?

The spAIR Tray is a portable travel shelf – yes, shelf – that attaches to the edge of an airplane window shade track. It’s super easy to install and remove, just slide it on or off and you’re ready to go. It comes bundled in a small pouch, so it’s pretty easy to stow the thing away too, particularly as it’s lightweight.

Anything small you’d normally have on the backseat tray, instead, can be placed on the travel shelf. This allows you to open up the backseat tray and use the full space for whatever you need. spAIR can hold drinks, snacks, glasses, accessories, phones and tablets, and much more.

It’s advertised to offer 33% more space, but it’s difficult to quantify that number in the real world. Still, it’s useful to frequent fliers who spend a lot of time near the window. Which highlights the significant flaw with a travel shelf like this. It’s only useful if you’re in a window seat. If you’re placed in an aisle or middle seat, well, you might as well keep this thing packed away.

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