A Traveler’s Guide To The Best Tapas in Granada

Situated in the valley of the Sierra Nevada mountains and overlooked by the grand Moorish palace, the Alhambra, Granada truly feels like a city stuck in time — so it’s no wonder that the tapas tradition lives on here.
best tapas in granada

In Spanish cuisine, tapas are small snacks or appetizers. It can be practically anything — jamon y queso (ham and cheese), olives, croquettes, shrimp, potatoes, or Spanish tortilla (egg and potato omelet) — the possibilities are endless. Traditionally, tapas were served for free with a drink in any bar, restaurant, or café in Spain. Over time, however, the tradition has faded in most of the country and you now have to pay for your tapas in most places. The only major city where you can truly find this practice has held its ground is Granada, a wonderful city in Spain’s southern autonomous community of Andalucia.

Situated in the valley of the Sierra Nevada mountains and overlooked by the grand Moorish palace, the Alhambra, Granada truly feels like a city stuck in time — so it’s no wonder that the tapas tradition lives on here. In some restaurants, a round of drinks for your table will earn you a big plate of tapas to share. At others, each person gets a small tapa with each drink, either of your choice or chosen for you, depending on the restaurant’s practice. A common nighttime activity in Granada is to go tapas hopping — having a drink and a tapa at one bar, then moving on to the next. This can go on for hours until everyone is full and a bit drunk just in time to go to sleep or check out the nightlife. Keep in mind, one drink and tapa usually only costs 2€ or 3€, so you can really get your money’s worth! If you ever find yourself in this incredible city, here are my top recommendations for where to enjoy one of Spain’s oldest traditions — this is a guide to the best tapas in Granada. 


Best Atmosphere: Bar Poe (Calle Verónica de la Magdelena 40)

Bar Poe - Best Tapas in Granada

Pronounced po-ay, this small bar tucked away in the narrow streets between Plaza de la Trinidad and Plaza de Gracia, is a favorite amongst foreign students, ex-pats, and locals alike.

Poe is owned and operated by a lovely couple — an English man and his Angolan wife. They are sweet, speak English, and will chat with you all night, telling you all about how they met on their travels and their years living in Granada. Besides the homey vibe, the place has a classic selection of red and white wines, as well as cold beers, including some Czech and German ones that can’t be found everywhere in Spain.

Unlike places that serve you whatever tapas they want, this place offers multiple fish, pork, chicken, and vegetarian options to choose from with each drink, so there’s something for everyone and you’ll leave satisfied every time. My go-to dishes were the Italian-style vegetables, chickpea salad, and Thai chicken — but you can try all that and more, just have another drink!


Best Bang For Your Buck And Most Variety: Babel World Fusion (Calle Elvira 41)

best tapas in granada - babel

Babel is a fusion of worlds like nothing else in Granada. Combining the tapas tradition with all types of cuisine, this place really has it all. Although located on the busy Calle Elvira (Elvira Street), this spacious restaurant never gets packed with tourists.

If you’re looking for filling tapas that can count as a meal, this is the place for some of the best tapas in Granada. Again, you can choose your tapas here. There are many delicious options like chips and guacamole, cheese risotto, hummus, kebabs, croquettes, fajitas, chicken with rice, and more!

Sometimes, they’ll even have specials where they offer two tapas per drink, so with a round of drinks for the table, you’ll have plenty of dishes to share. One night, my table had already ordered a few rounds and, to thank us for being loyal customers, our final round of drinks came with a huge shawarma and falafel platter that was to die for.


Most Andalusian: Bar Los Diamantes (Original: Calle Navas 28, Other Branch: Plaza Nueva 13)

best tapas in granada

If you’re looking for classic Andalusian fare, this is the place to go for the best tapas in Granada. The look of the restaurant is modern, but the experience feels very traditional.

Although you don’t get to choose your tapas here, as long as you want seafood or fish, you won’t be disappointed. Each drink comes with a plate of fried fish, which comes in fresh from the coast about an hour away every morning.

The service here is great — it has to be since this is one of the top-rated and most well-known tapas bars in all of Granada. Get there early to beat the crowds!


Most Classically Spanish: Bodegas Castañeda (Calle Almireceros 1-3)

best tapas in granada

My very traditional Spanish host mom took me and the rest of the family here for her birthday, so I knew it had to be good. This tapas bar buzzes with energy and has a classic Spanish feel and a classic Spanish crowd.

Slabs of jamon (Iberian ham) and a giant bull’s head hang above the bar and groups of locals crowd around small standing tables sipping drinks and nibbling on small tapas.

Keeping with the traditional Spanish vibe, there’s no choosing your tapa here, but this means you get a truly authentic experience. Most of the tapas include their famous jamon, sometimes with cheese, fruit, or oil on bread, or else you might get seafood and croquettes. Just be sure to go to the bar area — the sit-down restaurant half of the establishment does not offer free tapas, only full meals.

This list only scrapes the surface of a potential tapas experience in Granada. Most locals find their favorites and become regulars there, but with endless tapas, there is always more to explore. I know some day I’ll be back in Granada and, while I’ll have to return to my old stomping grounds, I can’t wait to see what else this tapas paradise has to offer.


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