Zomake Ultra-Lightweight Packable Backpack

Whether you’re in transit, on a weekend getaway, or taking a day trip to a hidden waterfall, one your most important pieces of gear is your daypack. It needs...
Zomake Best Ultra-Lightweight Packable Backpacks

Zomake Best Ultra-Lightweight Packable BackpacksWhether you’re in transit, on a weekend getaway, or taking a day trip to a hidden waterfall, one your most important pieces of gear is your daypack. It needs to fulfill a range of requirements, which may include carrying bottles, jackets, your camera, snacks, a towel, and more. It must also withstand the rigors of a variety of adventurous activities. As such, one major attribute of any successful daypack is versatility, which is exactly why the Zomake Ultra-Lightweight Packable Backpack is worth your consideration.

This backpack is ultra lightweight. Plus, its durable build quality combines with the simple yet effective design to produce a pack that will keep the average traveler more than happy. And with 20 liters of internal storage, the Zomake backpack has enough space to hold everything you’ll need on your average day out.

The bag itself is made from a high-quality material that is both water and tear resistant. Additionally, it features a significant amount of bartack stitching, a process that further reinforces the bag’s strength and resistance to tearing. You’ll also find non-abrasive zippers to ensure the opening and closing of every pocket and compartment is always smooth and comfortable.

Inside the main compartment, there is a zippered pocket, which is great for keeping your valuable items like phones and passports out of sight and behind two zippers for added security. The front of the bag features a single zippered pocket, while on the each side of the backpack, you’ll find two netted, quick-access pockets, which can hold umbrellas, water bottles, or maps, depending on your needs.

For true convenience, the Zomake daypack can also fit into a self-contained, ultra-compact pouch that’s attached to the inside of the main compartment. This makes storing the 8.8 oz, sandwich-sized backpack when you aren’t using it super convenient, especially if you prefer to travel with only one larger backpack or suitcase. It’s also easy to pull this bag out of your checked luggage if you find yourself in need of an extra carry on to avoid overweight charges at the airport.

You can choose from 11 vibrant colors, allowing you to match your daypack to other travel items or your happy-go-lucky personality.

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